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Advanced SystemCare Pro 15.3 Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Advanced SystemCare Pro 15.3

Advanced SystemCare 14 is an easy-to-use all-in-one PC optimization utility.
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L'offre gratuite du jour pour Advanced SystemCare Pro 15.3 était valable le 2 avril 2022!

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Erase all personal information from your Android devices forever.

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Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one yet easy-to-use software to clean, optimize, speed up, and protect your PC and privacy. The powerful 1-click approach helps you easily clean up junk files, leftovers, and invalid shortcuts, sweep privacy traces, remove spyware, accelerate Internet speed, update outdated programs and drivers, fix disk errors, system weaknesses, and security holes, and enable antivirus & firewall protections.

With a brand-new UI, the new version Advanced SystemCare 15 is easier to use, delivering a more intuitive interaction experience than ever. Besides, Advanced SystemCare 15 adds many new features to further optimize and secure your PC. First, the new AI Mode can intelligently clean and optimize your PC based on how you cared your PC. Second, the new Startup Optimizer greatly enlarges the startup database to ensure overall management of all startup items for faster PC bootup. Last, the new System Protection, Browser Protection, and Private Data Protection provide you with the one-stop comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, phishing scams, cryptocurrency mining attacks, suspicious emails, homepage & search engine modifications, annoying ads, unauthorized accesses to your sensitive data, digital fingerprint being stolen, and other online risks.

Besides these new features, Advanced SystemCare also improves almost all modules. The greatly enhanced Junk File Clean and Privacy Sweep can clean up junk files and privacy traces more deeply and thoroughly. The improved Performance Monitor helps you monitor your PC’s RAM/CPU/Disk usage, CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature, and fan speed in real time, and lets you quickly end the processes with high RAM/CPU/Disk usage to speed up your PC. The optimized Turbo Boost can intelligently stop the unnecessary startup items, apps, and services to further accelerate your PC. And the significantly enhanced Software Updater helps you update your programs to their latest versions at the earliest time. Last but not least, Advanced SystemCare also rebuilds and improves over 10 useful tools, such as Win Fix, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, Large File Finder, Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, File Shredder, Undelete, FaceID, and DNS Protector to further clean and optimize your PC.

In summary, Advanced SystemCare helps you unlock the full potential of your PC and delivers you an unprecedented experience of a faster and safer PC.

Configuration minimale:

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ 11



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Taille du fichier:

45.4 MB

Licence details:

6 months with full support



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Developed by Informer Technologies, Inc.
Developed by IObit
Create videos and snapshots using your webcam camera.
Rescue your lost data from your hard drive or external drives.

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I've used earlier versions as well as other iObit software and you have to be careful when clicking OK so you know exactly what it's about to do. I found that it would download and install other iObit products that I didn't want. You can deselect them, but don't just assume that clicking on OK to allow the fixes that Advanced SystemCare offers to make is all that it will do. As long as you're aware of this, you retain control of what is installed on your system. I hope they've changed this tactic since I last used Advanced SystemCare, but after an extended discussion with a customer service rep, it sure sounded like it was an integral part of how they do things.

Jeff  –  11 months ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+53)

Programs like this are very dangerous, especially if, like this one, they make changes without backing up the registry. I speak from experience. One of the worst experiences I had was with such a program. It took forever to get my computer running again. So, if you must use it, back up your computer completely. If not that, then at least your registry. Then, have a go at it.

Charles Lewis  –  11 months ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+40)

What I like: it downloaded and installed some Microsoft Security Updates I missed on the virtual ThinPC (a stripped W7 32) I was testing the giveaway on.
What I did not like: it made changes to the registry without first making a backup.

It has an AI and a manual mode. It did not explain what the maker means by AI. Is it really Artificial Intelligence? Or just an Adapted (user) Interface??

What I really do NOT like: their homepage knows I am Dutch and refuses to show me any texts in English. As a potential buyer, I want to be able to choose the language I use. Because most Dutch translations are either written by non-IT people, or by machine. So I had to use DeepL to recover their original claim: "Uses Artificial Intelligence to quickly scan the right parts of your system for optimal acceleration." Does that mean their human programmer does NOT know by himself what parts to scan????

krypteller  –  11 months ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+33)

" 'Uses Artificial Intelligence to quickly scan the right parts of your system for optimal acceleration.' Does that mean their human programmer does NOT know by himself what parts to scan????"

When they hear of AI some people think of the Terminator & Skynet -- others imagine the most advanced tech. iObit's marketing dept. is banking on the 2nd.

mike  –  11 months ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+13)

This software is incompatible with Malwarebytes. This is because there has been a long running legal dispute between Malwarebytes and Iobit with the former claiming Iobit stole their code! So every time you run a scan, Malwarebytes will remove ASC for your computer!

Steve Searle  –  11 months ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+12)

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