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Clip Extractor Pro Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — Clip Extractor Pro

Clip Extractor Pro is an easy to use software for Internet Explorer and Firefox designed to help you quickly download and convert YouTube videos.
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L'offre gratuite du jour pour Clip Extractor Pro était valable le 13 septembre 2010!

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Experience the next level of screen recording excellence.

Easy to use software for Internet Explorer and Firefox designed to help you quickly download and convert YouTube videos. Save videos off YouTube and simultaneously convert them to AVI, MP4, MP3, MOV, 3GP formats for further playback with Media Player of your choice. Lets you chose size and quality level of the output file to adjust it to the screen size and space volume of your portable device.

Automatically detects video URLs allowing you to save directly from YouTube, avoiding any extra steps. Now comes with ringtone maker! Powerful functionality, user friendly interface and true simplicity make this easy YouTube downloader a perfect choice both for beginners and pros.

Key features:

  • Download HD/HQ**** videos from YouTube
  • Convert to any popular video format
  • Listen YouTube Music on Your MP3 Player
  • Drag and drop YouTube videos into your iTunes
  • Save YouTube as FLV files and watch them with any FLV player
  • Make FREE Ringtones
  • Choose size and quality level

Configuration minimale:

Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003 Server/ Vista/ 7; .NET Framework 2.0


Clip Extractor LLC

Page web:

Taille du fichier:

7.17 MB



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Pourquoi utiliser un logiciel quand on a déjà cette fonction dans son navigateur ? -> Download Helper pour Firefox :)

Réponse   |   An0nyme  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (0)
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Top commentaires en anglais

Bad: You cannot change Mp3 bitrate. Be careful with installation. This program want to install it's own search bar and homepage to startpage etc.

Tapetklister  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+190)

Be warned that the installer will attempt to hijack your browser settings, at least by default.

It also apparently installs the BigSeekPro toolbar, which I can't find much information about, although Google comes up with numerous forum posts from people trying to get rid of it.

I'd be pretty wary of installing this.

Jim Stone  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+181)

The video was good quality and the ability to convert to a few different file types was a nice feature. The actual function of the software was good.
I always prefer using sites like KeepVid or Zamzar because they don't require any software to download, and for a good reason: they don't come with packaged toolbars. Sure enough, this program came with BigSeekPro toolbar, which collects 'anonymous usage statistics'. I quote from the privacy policy:
"The toolbar sends unidentifiable and non-personal data which may include the IP address, the URL of the web site you are visiting, general information about your browser and operating system, product information as taken from a product HTML page, the unique identifier of your toolbar, unidentifiable usage of toolbar components and search queries."
So, while it's all unidentifiable, I don't quite understand why they need to record my search queries, pages I visit, OS and browser details which can all be matched to my unique browser toolbar id, all in the name of better support.
Packaged toolbars are always a big warning sign for software to miss.

JJ  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+161)

Well, I usually use 'VideoGet' but I thought I would give this one a try.

During installation, by default, it wants to change your search and homepage to 'Clip Extractor Search', so make sure you untick this (and the other 2 options I would suggest) during installation.

Annoyingly, it still installs a full toolbar into internet explorer, rather than the neat little button shown on the tutorial video on the website. Clip Extractor doesn't seem to intergrate with Firefox or Chrome browsers at all (on my system anyway) so you will need to cut & paste the web address of the video you want to extract into the program.

Didn't extract either of the two YouTube videos that I tried it on, so I have uninstalled. So overall, not very impressed......

8LivesGone  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+156)

Thumbs down. Choosing easy install instead of custom install chanegs IE search engine to their search engine. Installs a IE Toolbar whether you like it or not. Disabling toolbar warns that "related class" will be disabled. Installing RealPlayer Basic (Free) provides option for downloading YouTube videos.

Bern-dog06  –  13 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+148)

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