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TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (Windows & Mac) Giveaway

Giveaway of the day — TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (Windows & Mac)

Un outil puissant pour convertir des chansons et des listes de lecture Spotify en formats courants
$49.95 EXPIRÉ
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L'offre gratuite du jour pour TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (Windows & Mac) était valable le 24 mars 2018!

Offre gratuite du jour
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TuneFab Spotify Music Converter (Windows et Mac) est un outil puissant pour convertir des chansons et des listes de lecture Spotify en MP3, M4A, FLAC et WAV. Après la conversion, vous pouvez lire toutes vos chansons Spotify préférées sur n'importe quel appareil que vous aimez. Cet outil est disponible pour les utilisateurs Spotify Premium et Free, ce qui signifie que tous les utilisateurs Spotify peuvent télécharger et enregistrer gratuitement de la musique Spotify sans DRM pour l'écouter hors ligne. De plus, il vous permet de convertir plusieurs chansons et listes de lecture à la fois avec une vitesse de conversion ultra-rapide. C'est un outil essentiel et fantastique pour la Spotify Music musomanie.

Remarque: l'archive contient des fichiers d'installation pour les versions Windows et Mac. Suivez les instructions du fichier readme.txt pour activer la licence. La licence est fournie pour 1 an

Les utilisateurs GOTD peuvent obtenir le code de licence à vie avec 25% de réduction (licence unique uniquement). Rabais spécial de 25% sur le code promo des utilisateurs GOTD:tunefab-smc

Configuration minimale:

Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 (32 & 64bits) or Mac OS X 10.9/ 10.10/ 10.11/ 10.12/ 10.13; 1G Hz processor or above; Monitor with 1024x768 pixels or higher resolution; 512MB RAM; Latest version of Spotify app


TuneFab Studio

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Taille du fichier:

24.8 MB



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Top commentaires en anglais

On my Win 7 64bit desktop this seems to install, but refuses to launch, giving a message "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing: reinstall the program to fix this."

Three reinstalls later, the same message.


Hope you have better luck than me.

F22B  –  3 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+15)

After adding a song, or songs, and clicking convert it just sits there spinning on the first song and staying at 0%. It needs Spotify installed on your computer as well because it opens it up and uses it somehow to get the music. If it can't convert a single song then it is of no use. Get a program to record sounds like Streaming Audio Recorder from Wondershare and play the song(s) and record them at the same time.

Chris  –  3 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+13)

BitDefender AV detect as infected ....
"The file c:\program files (x86)\tunefab\tunefab spotify music converter\ is infected with Atc4.Detection and was moved to quarantine."
Maybe a false positive .... maybe not .....

Giovanni  –  3 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+12)

The price quoted for this is a lifetime license price yet license offered here is only a 1 year extended trial license that they do not sell... surely it's better to pay for spotify premium and be able to save music for offline playback legitimatly than some 3rd party company to pirate the Sporify services content? They claim it's 100% safe but surely if it is designed to breach spotify terms and conditions of the free service it could result in loss of spotify account if they detect the use of unauthorised software downloading rather than streaming their content.

TK  –  3 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+3)

TK, technically it just grabs the stream, temporarily stores it and then you can choose to convert it. Yes, using third-party software can be tricky but the stream isn't stolen, it's simply grabbed when the stream starts and locally stored. This program doesn't give you any benefit, you won't get paid content like ad-free or high quality bitrate audio if you use a free Spotify account and for premium, you don't really need a program like this. If you lose a free account, you may lose playlists and saved songs and followers and those you followed. But as long as you are served the ads, there is no reason for Spotify to take action because they make money with these ads too to keep the service free.

kui_  –  3 years ago  –  Avez-vous trouver ce commentaire utile ? oui | non (+6)

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